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We respect your assist and solely characteristic products we believe in. A redditor recounts a state of affairs they’re in or a course of action they’re contemplating taking, and everyone else decides if that person is being an asshole. Any story during which someone might — or might not — be a jerk is inherently entertaining, but this subreddit also adds the responsible delight of your judgement. On one hand, it makes folks be happy to spew homophobia and racism; it could be like busting open a godawful piñata of hate. This is a common interest discussion community for girls.

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This subreddit aligns with the values of red pill (but with a female perspective). A nice deal of FDS chatter is devoted to recognizing, avoiding, and turning into proof against purple capsule sexual methods. Users advise girls to check out a man’s media consumption habits for pink flags—say, that he’s studying Jordan Peterson, listens to Joe Rogan’s podcast, or follows Elon Musk on Twitter.


“Yasss queen, degree up, don’t commit”-type of posts and comments is most of what I’ve seen there, and I’ve been shopping since they started. Just to pop in here – you two clearly do not have sufficient expertise with the sub. It’s not as dangerous as /r/incels, however they definitely do not respect males as equals. I’m surprised these two comments are taking part in it down a lot.

So, OP might be in for lots of harm if he stays with somebody who has these beliefs. I would not fear that a lot if she hadn’t bookmarked that shit, however I skinny you need to have talk now. I am giving insight into why this isn’t necessarily one thing to fret about.i can learn and infer. I’m not at all positive why you’re summarizing the obvious issues to me. Seems to be just a meme based mostly anti shopper page but take a look at the comments section/userbase and its all insanity. I suppose the idea of being child free isn’t an issue in itself.

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My jist is, I do not put effort or spend money on individuals who won’t put cash into me. I’m fairly sure that is what your girlfriend is looking for also, self-investment. This guy needs to observe himself as a outcome of the women there are abusers and also you saying it is nice she was probably simply wanting is not cool. I imply the precise fact she saves the posts and ohh yeah has used the recommendation…that in all probability is troublesome… I mean the subreddit mainly discusses how men are manipulative etc. They very hardly ever nail something on the head and sometimes assume (direct quote) “The ones in energy ought to be all girls because I don’t need to take an opportunity”.